Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday--17 July Edition

Today I am thankful for the time and resources that German's job affords us. No, they are not unlimited resources, but they are enough. Enough to:
*stay home with our girls and homeschool
*get a train at an hour's notice to go spend an evening with him on a business trip
*enjoy a lovely dinner in a nice restraunt with the family
*spend an entire day wandering a museum with the girls
*not feel guilty that the laundry, and house, and proper school were ignored for a day out

The resources are not unlimited, but they are all we need and I am thankful!

What are you thankful for today? Join us with Iris at Sting my Heart to share your thankful hearts.


Denise said...

I praise God for providing for your sweet family.

Renee said...

I need to learn how to not feel guilty about things not getting done. But I too am thankful to homeschool :)

Laurie Ann said...

What a blessing! Happy Thankful Thursday.

Darlene said...

Wonderful list of thanks!

Have a fabulous day!

Kristin said...

I'm thankful for the wonderful job my husband has.

I am thankful for my wonderful friends.

I am so thankful for the technology that has brought so many wonderful people into my lives.

sharon said...

I thank God for you ... the Bible says godliness with contentment is great gain and it is clear for all to see that you have gained aplenty.

God bless you.