Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One More Moving Post

A giggle to start the day:
The movers have been here since 9 a.m. One of them started straight away on my sewing room. He thinks he'll finish around 3:30. He says that room separates the men from the boys--and that he may be a boy. lol Our mug collection from all of our travels and our books are in that room. But mainly it is stash for quilting and cross-stitch. Maybe I should stop buying? Probably not.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day so today is busy doing the last push to declutter things I don't want to go with us. I'll be off-line for at least a week, so no updates. When I get re-connected I'll post pics of the blocks I've been doing for baby quilts.

BTW, I was able to hire one of the teenagers that live around the corner from the new house to come during Bible Study and watch the rugrats. She can't start until June 29, so we'll have 2 weeks of trying to contain them by some other means but at least for the rest of the summer I can know that we have safety in place.

Blessings. *See* you in a couple of weeks....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Can't Stop Shaking

Today was my Bible Study I host at the house. It was a spectacular discussion and God is so at work in the lives of the ladies. But we were focusing on the study. My two darlings (?) and the two year old daughter of one of the other ladies were playing--going from the downstairs toy room to the bedroom upstairs and back. I had closed off the doors to all of the rooms that they were not supposed to be in--kitchen, office, my bedroom and sewing room. My girls do not go through closed doors---they just don't (dd1 can't open them and dd3 has learned that is a no-no). So first they get into the kitchen and get the berries and sliced ham out of the fridge. It is a mess, but I can live with it. I hear them go in my room and know that the only damage they can really do is play with the clothes to be folded on the bed--which they did, also no biggie. But when we went to get them, they had been in my sewing room. And they had climbed up on the shelf (had to move a chair to get there) and got my supply basket down. And they had emptied it and got my roller blade. And they had opened it. And dd3 had cut her finger, just slightly but there was some blood (and no she was not crying at all). I am reeling at what could have happened. If it had been a new blade she could have easily cut off her finger. I thought it was safe, on a top shelf, away from easy access, in a room with a closed door that is known to be off limits. DD3 has had a thorough talking to about not doing that again and I did not accept that she blamed someone else, because she knew it was wrong and didn't come get me (she had tattled on dd1 several times during the morning). I do not know how I am going to keep them out of where they don't belong each week during Bible Study. Maybe the new house has locks on doors? I don't remember. Now I must stop shaking.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Graceful?...not I

My Dad used to say that if I had been meant to be graceful he would have named me grace. Yesterday I proved why that is not my name. I was changing a lightbulb in the bathroom. I successfully changed the light but noticed the spot light over the tub was also out. So I stepped into the tub and onto the large ledge behind tub, unscrewed the bulb and stepped back into the tub. As I stepped OUT of the tub, the easiest part of this maneuver, I caught my foot and came crashing down. Hit the chair that was there to change the bulb, the step into the tub and the bidet on my way down. I have bruises on my right shoulder, upper arm, ribs and hip. I am so sore today it is not even funny! *sigh* Off for more advil. Have a blessed day!

A job and a disastrous celebration dinner

DH finally got confirmation of the job for which we were waiting. Those of you who know who he works for, it is for the only outsourcing group that is bigger. lol He ends with his current company on the 31st and starts with the new company on June 1, so God has graciously allowed us to not have any down time.

We got the prelimary news on Friday and it was confirmed by post on Saturday morning. But Friday night we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate. STOP READING NOW IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH. Okay, so we were going to our favourite Italian restaraunt, which is kind of fancy and fairly expensive. We've taken the girls before, but always early in the evening and never on a Friday when it is packed. But they are good and we are always getting compliments on their behaviour, so this should be easy. right.

So, I am feeling great, think I look pretty good and we are set for a wonderful meal. DD1 was fussy in her highchair and I decided it was just because she had slept a little in the car. So I took her out to sit in my lap. Where she promptly turned and projectile *v'd* all over the wall and my right shoulder (thankfully mostly water). *sigh* So I went to the restroom and washed out my shirt and dried it with the hand dryer (thank you God for one that really dries!) and returned to the table which had been cleaned while I was gone. By now DD1 is giggling and having a great time. So I think it must have been a fluke. right? wrong!

She goes back into the highchair, plays happily until starters come, sees the melon we had ordered for her and begs for it. I think that melon is probably okay so let her have 2 bites. But she wants to eat off of my plate, so again I take her out of the chair. This time she just turned to grace the entire front of my shirt with the melon she just ate. Again we go clean up. I'm contemplating a very stiff drink at this point. *grin*

We get back to the table and she goes to sleep on my shoulder through the rest of the meal. DH took her after he finished his meal so that I could finish eating. She woke up just long enough to *v* down the front of his shirt. At the same time DD3 decided to throw a huge tantrum because I told her to finish her pizza (she was asking for ice cream). So, we finished quickly and went home. So much for our wonderful evening out. But we won't forget our celebration dinner for a long time. *sigh*

Where did these children come from? DD1 ended up having a very fitful night, but is fine now.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stitching Blogger's Question

I finally signed up for this meme, so here is my first go at it:
When you stitch from a kit and use the supplied floss do you have leftovers? If so, how much and what do you do with them? If not, do you usually have just enough or do you have to dig into your stash to finish?

I rarely use kits, so this doesn't usually apply. The kits I have done I find that I'm holding my breath near the end that there will be enough. Leftovers would go to the girls to play with when they pretend to "stitch" or "quilt".

Thursdays Thoughts

I love Thursdays! It is the day that I lead a ladies Bible Study in my home. It is the day that my soul is refreshed in such a lovely way. We are studying Beth Moore's Breaking Free and todays discussion was on the presence of God, the peace of God, the glory of God and the will of God. Easy topics, lol. But it was so good to hear the practicality of how each individual depends on God. We each come to Him differently because we have individual personalities that He gave us. Yet we complement one another and learn from one another. I'm refreshed and content and ready to face the next few days, confident because He has spoken to me through others.

This afternoon I am stitching. I am almost finished with V's RR7 (Sew Cozy) and I want to be able to mail it tomorrow when I go to town. I'm beginning to plan for H's Band RR. It will be so much fun, because it is blackwork (or in this case pinkwork) and I love blackwork. I hope to have pictures over the weekend. So I'm off to stitch. Have a blessed day everyone....

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Where did April go?

Actually, I know where it went, but it was just too quick. April was a whirlwind of travel and decisions. Our trip to visit friends and family in the States was such a pleasure. We really enjoyed the down time and dd3 (especially) really connected with her grandparents this time. The highlight of her trip was riding on my dad's tractor closely followed by going to the zoo with her uncle--without Mom and Dad which made it even better for her.

We came home to a decision that it was time for DH to leave the company for whom he has worked for 18 years. He put in his resignation without a job offer waiting. It is a huge leap of faith, but God is providing in so many ways. We are delighting in the journey. We truly believe that an offer will come before he finishes work on the 31st, but if it doesn't that just means God has something else planned. I've never been this at peace with a decision. Can't wait to share the whole story when I can. The downside of this decision is that we have to move from this house. Our lease was held by the company and the landlord is taking advantage of the change of circumstance and a good real estate market to put the house on the market rather than lease it to us as a private lease. So the second half of April was a flurry to find a house. We have a house and move on the 25th, so all is well.

The last weekend in April we went up to Scotland for a quick holiday knowing that we won't get holiday time for a while starting a new job. Here we are (so you can put faces with our non-names! lol)
It was wonderful and the most relaxed we have been in a long while!

Finally, I have been stitching. Here is my latest finish P's Neighbourhood RR.
I really love how it turned out and find it addictive. I want to just keep adding embelishments to the garden. I've completed two other RR's this week which are small. The next goal is to finish V's RR7 and have it on its way home by the end of the week. Then time to start another neighbourhood and H's Band RR.

Thanks for reading. Blessings today....