Thursday, November 08, 2012

Learning to Ask for Help

1. Take one fiercely independent woman who hates asking for help.

2. Place her in a location that requires a 10 minute bus ride with 50 other people each morning to get children to school.

3. Add 2 chicken pox covered children who cannot be on said bus infecting the world.

4. Mix in a couple of day trips away from city for Daddy.

5. Leaves a tired mama who has no choice but to ask and accept helping hands.


Thank you Lord for neighbours who are willing to ferry Flower to and from school and other events. What a blessing!

Sorry, not much writing happening here. But lots of cuddles, swathing with calamine and general malaise. Hopefully back to normal next week.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Marriage Monday

Marriage Monday is back! Our topic this week is Gender Differences in Marriage and you can find some of the suggested prompts for writing here.

I often think that most of the differences German and I have are related to personality. He is the Extroverted Thinker and I'm the Introverted Feeler and that leads to all sorts of fun miscommunications. But now, as the parent of a little man who is oh-so-different from his sisters, I am recognizing more and more that some of the differences are simply gender.

In that thinking, I was most intrigued by the prompt of the differences in how we express our Christian Faith. This could easily be one of the areas that we are most divergent. I as a typical female will find myself caught in the emotion of worship; he will be more focused on particular aspects of the service. I'll leave with tear-streaked face and he'll leave wanting a concordance to check a reference. My commentary will be how something moved me, his will be how it challenged him. I will have noticed those around who seem to be struggling. When pointed out, he will have suggestions of how to meet needs. Diverging responses to the same service.

Neither response wrong.

Both responses needed.

And as we share them together (as we walk along the Rhine River from church to home), we find a completeness. I find the words to analyze and apply. He finds the emotions to express. We round out each other's experience with our own. We find wholeness.

Kind of like God planned it that way all along.

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.
Genesis 2:24

Oh, maybe he did!

November Goals


It has been so long since I have posted goals, that it is useless to go back and see if I accomplished them. Good thing I use goals as a motivator not a measuring stick, because I would not be measuring up very well. That said, it is time to get back on the goal-wagon.

November Goals:
1. Stay on track with Daniel study that I finally started last week!
2. Actively seek a friendship that could grow into prayer/study partner.
3. Write every week day. Post on blog at least 2 times per week.
4. Finish ABCs of Life cross stitch.
5. Stitch 2 Bride's ornaments.
6. Update Christmas card list, write letter and get cards ready to send.
7. Celebrate Tree's first birthday!
8. Christmas shop for the girls whilst they are still in school ;)