Monday, December 30, 2013

What I Might Have Written

What might I have written if I had written this year?

I might have written about first Independence Day celebrations
 photo independence_zps58ccd453.jpg

 photo fireworks1_zps83bf62fb.jpg
  photo fireworks2_zps551c31be.jpg

and seeing amazing architecture

 photo skyscraper_zpsfa6be750.jpg

 photo skywalk1_zps0900fefb.jpg

and eating amazing food.

 photo dessert_zpsc595d74c.jpg

 photo dinner_zps5c5c04aa.jpg

Maybe I would have written about birthdays:

 photo CIMG8995_zps8f66700e.jpg

 photo birthday2_zpse0ce8c11.jpg

or Christmas presents and Christmas lights
 photo IMG_3496_zps5e2c5ac1.jpg

 photo IMG_3440_zpsfa27a3af.jpg

 photo IMG_3248_zpsde8e8e61.jpg

Or a first-ever girls-only trip to Poland
 photo polishfood_zps1aa3f440.jpg

 photo potteryshopping_zpsce2a5c21.jpg

 photo pottery1_zps981f9cb2.jpg

I could have shown you Fairy Tale German Castles:
 photo castleetze_zpsf3c2e180.jpg

and German Cathedrals:
 photo IMG_2697_zpsd91f16c3.jpg

 photo IMG_2700_zpscf0fc9a2.jpg

 photo IMG_2701_zps3fa89cb5.jpg

and English Cathedrals:
 photo Lincolncathedral_zps65e62e9f.jpg

 photo lincolncathedral1_zpsc3e279a9.jpg

 photo lincolncolumnrainbow_zps37eb5871.jpg
 photo lincolnwindow_zpsc43c2322.jpg

I might have written about school celebrations
 photo stpats2_zpsc7a23074.jpg
 photo stpats1_zps26ceb55f.jpg

I could have written about rediscovering favourite places
 photo IMG_3242_zps9f80c3e3.jpg

 photo IMG_3230_zpsc07087e9.jpg

I might have even written about the bitter-sweetness of saying good-byes and making yet another international move. Or the elation of returning to a place we have previously loved.

I might have written many things.  But, alas, I did not.  If I had, you would have seen a little of the joy, the sadness, the laughter and even the tears.  Mostly you would have seen this chaotic thing that I call life and (maybe) caught a glimpse of the One who helps me navigate the chaos.  I've missed you.  I hope to be here more.  There are thoughts bouncing around this head that need a place to be voiced.  There are things to record for the pure joy of remembering.  There are others to recount so that lessons are not lost.  Looking forward to a year of new beginnings and re-starts of old passions.

Happy Year's End My Friends.  May 2014 Bring Us Together More.