Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July Goals


As part of my coming out of chaos initiative, I am once again setting tangible monthly goals to track some progress. Here are the goals for July (these are in addition to the normal "keep on top of house/meals/laundry goals)!

*Complete year K education with Jewel
*Order year 1 curriculum for Jewel and any add-ons to PreK I need for Flower
*Choose a math curriculum!
*Clear out one closet and donate unused clothes to charity
*Strip paint off of old cabinet and prep to stain
*Complete one stripe (10 states) on my Flag Sampler
*Complete one quilt currently in works and plan for one more quilt
*Read Ministry of Motherhood

That ought to keep me busy. We'll see how many of those I can mark off by August.

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~V said...

Good luck on your goals hon, they seem achievable, particularly if you turn that image of the goalie net around *giggle*

xsquared said...

Great goals - you can do it!

I should set some goals for myself, too - I've started a decluttering project, but I've just been winging it. Concrete goals would help me stay on track, I think.