Monday, July 07, 2008

Marriage Monday--Preparing for the Marriage

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Some of the best marriage advice that we received before getting married was

"Spend more time

preparing for the marriage

than you do preparing for the wedding"

At the time, I thought "well of course" but in the midst of all the planning sometimes it was easier to get caught up in the details for a day rather than the plans for a lifetime.

So, it delighted my heart when German was asked for us to be a part of a prayer effort. The young man who asked him to pray is getting married in 3 weeks. He said that he wanted the four weeks leading up to the wedding to be covered in prayer. He asked married persons "who understood marriage can be difficult and could pray with empathy" to join with him. I was so impressed with his forethought.

Then he sent his first week's requests. Wow! He writes (I've taken out names):

This week's theme is: love - that the love that N and I have for each other and for God will continue to grow throughout our marriage, but also for strength for me to fulfil my part of the marriage covenant: to love N as Christ loves the church. To me that is an impossible task to fulfil, and it is only in God's strength that it can be done. The sacrificial nature of Christ's love for us is the example we have to follow, so pray that I will be able to love sacrificially as well.

Wow! This young man gets it---preparing for the marriage. The wedding will come and go. But this foundation of prayer will be a bedrock that is strong.

They are off to a great start. I'm honored to be a part of helping them "prepare for the marriage." Do you know anyone getting married soon? How can you help them prepare for a lifetime?

Blessings to You!


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

wow that is great preparation. Praying alongside you for them.

Peculiar said...

"Spend more time preparing for the marriage than preparing for the wedding." That is one of the best quotes and truths for marriage that I've ever heard! I wish I had heard that when I got married the first time. I wish my ex had too. God, some experiences, and some family and friends did help me with this truth later, but not in quite those simple, but profound words. This is something that I think any of us needs to share with those we know and love about to get married. We should also commit to praying for them during their planning, like your husband did here. This is a great post. Thanks.

Jana said...

I'm so happy to read about a young couple who really "gets it." That is a beautiful and inspiring story. Thank you.

Susan said...

This was great...

And so true, if only we truly would take time in prepartion.

Sounds like a wise young man, thanks for sharing this!!

JesuLalaine said...

Wow! they are indeed off with a good start and that is asking GOd's control even before their marriage. Indeed, apart from God we could do nothing.

e-Mom said...

Wonderful, wise advice. Thanks for participating in Marriage Monday today, MiPa. :~)

Toia said...

It's good to hear about a young man preparing for the foundation of his lifetime commitment instead of the honeymoon. I come in agreement with all the prayers prayed over this young couple.

a woman found said...

Great advice and great to hear a man's prayer for his life of self-sacrificing love for his to be wife.


eph2810 said...

MiPa - I think the advice is priceless "to prepare for marriage more than for the wedding".
The prayer request is wonderful too. Yes, only Christ can keep us focused in marriage - especially when you hit some bumps in the road.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on marriage.

megan said...

Something tells me this couple will have a wonderful marriage :)