Saturday, December 11, 2010

Journey to Advent--Day Twelve


Luke 3:7-18

John watched the multitudes coming to be baptized and he knew that many of them came wanting a quick fix to escape wrath, but no real desire to change. He challenged them. He told them of the hard work they would need to do to change their actions and their motives. He told them to share their abundance with the poor. He told them not to cheat one another. He told them to not use violence. He told them to not depend on their ethnic heritage to protect them.

The days was coming when Jesus was going to come. He was going to separate the wheat from the chaff. He was going to separate pure from selfish motive. He was going to judge the heart.

That day is still coming.

I may not use violence to get my way, but do I use any form of intimidation or threat? It will be judged. Do I skimp in mercy with others? It will be judged. Am I generous in my abundance? It will be judged. Am I depending on the faith of my parents or a prayer said as a child and not on a day-by-day renewing faith? It will be judged. God sees the heart and it will be judged.

Am I ready?

Father, as we near the manger, continue to clear away the stubble in my heart. Take away the feelings of entitlement or superiority. Take away the selfishness. Remind me daily to depend on you for everything. Give me opportunities to be generous in my sharing of you this holiday season. Amen.

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Marsha Young said...

Oh dear, you may have "gotten me" with that one. Do I "skimp in mercy"? I hope not, but I need to think about it carefully.
God bless you - Marsha Young