Friday, December 17, 2010

Journey to Advent--Day Eighteen


Luke 1:26-38

I think back to when I first suspected I was pregnant. I was excited and thrilled, but I was also apprehensive. What would German say? Were we ready? Did I have any idea how much our lives were about to change? But for all the apprehension, I had the security of a loving husband and a family who would be thrilled and a church that would support us.

Mary had none of that. She had Joseph, who was likely to be anything but thrilled that his betrothed was pregnant. She had a family that would most likely be scandalized. She had a community that would probably make her the subject of all the gossip for months and years to come. She had every reason to say "no way" and run off.

But she didn't. She stayed. She asked the most reasonable question she could ask, "how will this happen--I'm a virgin?" Then she agreed to be used by God, no matter the difficulties that would accompany the blessing.

I want to be that willing. I want to not focus on the "what ifs" and focus on God. That is my prayer this last week of Advent.

God make me willing to do whatever you call me to do and to go wherever you call me to go. I want a heart that is tender to your call. I want to be willing. Amen.

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