Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Other Words--Heritage


My mother had boxes of genealogy research that she boxed away in the early 80s when she became ill. These boxes are part of the heritage I inherited this year. German and I have been entering the information into the computer. At the same time we are exploring the research of his family that his aunt had given us. Using a popular search engine, we are amazed at the information we can receive. One of our favourite things to find is World War I Draft Registration cards because it gives height, build, eye colour and hair colour. We laugh at how the men on one side of my family all seem to have been "short" and "stocky" where his side seems to have all the red heads. Things we see in the current generations as well. We get a good sense of our physical heritage looking at these records.

But when we get more excited is when we get glimpses of the spiritual heritage. In German's family it is easier to trace--his Mennonite ancestors escaped Prussia looking for religious freedom. Yet somewhere along the way, the strength of faith faded. His grandfather and his father drifted from that heritage. The foundation was strong and in German found a way back home. I have taken for granted that faith is a part of my family's life. But recently I learned that my great grandfather, who I credit with being the foundation of faith, was actually disowned by his atheist father when he chose the church. Now I am even more curious. Who led him? What drew him? From where did the roots sprout?

As I learn of my physical heritage, I am inspired to search more for my spiritual heritage. It is also a reminder that I need to be teaching the spiritual heritage to my girls, so they know where their foundations were laid.

"It is important we don't get so caught up in our earthly suit that we miss our eternal heritage."
Wayne Corderio
For more thoughts on this incredible quote, visit Karen at In Love W.I.T.H. Jesus.


D.J. Hughes said...

I love how you drew upon your experience with searching out your earthly heritage. Excellent post!

Karen said...

Our heritage is something we should be very proud of. Its exciting to dig into it and learn more about it. Thanks for sharing today.

Tami Boesiger said...

What makes us who we are?

Because we see the outside, we tend to define ourselves that way, but it is not the real us, is it? The real part of us is the eternal, the spiritual, that which lasts. Thanks for sparking these thoughts for me tonight and making it clear our foundation is definitely not physical.

Have a Merry Christmas friend. I've been thinking of you lots this week. Love you.

Marsha Young said...

Intriguing post. You asked some great questions. ...Marsha