Friday, December 03, 2010

Journey to Advent--Day Four


Joel 2:1-11

Today's passage is a strong reminder that Advent is not all cuddly sheep and sweet-smelling babies. True there were sheep present near the stable, cuddly or not and there was certainly a baby. But the thrust of Jesus' being born was not about his babyhood, but about the role he would play in our lives.

He came as our Saviour.

He also came as our Judge.

With dramatic images of total destruction, the prophet Joel reminds his listeners and us as we listen in that judgment is coming and it will be complete.

In our journey to Advent, let us not forget the purpose of Jesus' coming. Let us not wrap him up in cotton wool to the point that he becomes innocuous. Let us remember his legitimate role as our Judge. May we prepare ourselves for such judgment and be thankful that the evil of the world will too come to reckoning on that day.

Father God, help me to not lose your Mighty Righteousness in the scenes of Christmas tinsel. Help me to remain cognizant of your power in my life. Forgive me when I fail at that and clothe me in Jesus' righteousness. Amen.

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