Sunday, January 18, 2009

ENGAGE--update 1

This post could have been titled "Be Careful What you Pray For!" To not lose some of the sense of awe of God's moving, I want to record an update on my New Year's Meditation to Engage.

One of the dreams of this year was to be more deliberate in hospitality. Since I wrote that on January 2, here is what has happened:
*I made a deliberate effort to have extra lunch available on January 4 so German could invite a young man he mentors home for lunch after church. Unfortunately that young man was away. While at church on the 4th our house group made impromptu plans to attend a concert together on the 10th.
*On Monday the 5th I emailed the house group inviting them to dinner at our place before the concert.
*On the 10th we all gathered to eat, then had a great time at the concert. In God' provision, there was sandwich fixings left over. :-)
*On Sunday the 11th, a gentleman from San Antonio visited our church. In visiting with him, German determined that he was here for a few months and his wife would be joining him for a few weeks beginning in February. German invited him to lunch, then told me we would have an extra for lunch. Thank you Lord for the extra sandwich stuff! We had a delightful visit, have much in common and are on our way to being friends. His wife and I immediately began corresponding answering questions she has about life in England.
*Saturday (17th) we hosted Flower's birthday party at church. We entertained 20 kids and 30 adults and had a blast.
*The young man German mentors had lunch with us today (in fact they are still meeting). Another chance to pour blessing into his life...and to be blessed by how God is at work in him.
*Later today the house group will meet to begin our next study.

In case you lost count, that is five opportunities to host people in our home (and at the church for the party). And it is only the 18th! I am so encouraged by the people around me. And I'm thrilled God is using this home to encourage other people. It is truly a blessing.

And that concert? It was a child evangelist and Jewel has been encouraged in her seeking by it. Furthermore, the Ladies Bible study is progressing well. What a great start to January!

One more thing. Here is my second memory verse for 2009. May I allow God's purpose to prevail over my flimsy plans.

Many are the plans in a man's heart,
but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

God bless you all! Have a great Sunday!

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