Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Minute Friday--Looking for a Hero

Five Minute Friday

The topic this week is HERO


Everyone is gathering in the school halls to collect the children about to be released. In he walks. He zooms around the room. Today he is wearing a spider man costume. Often it is a batman costume. Always a costume.

He is a three-year old super hero. Happily chatting away with anyone who comes his way.


All the little girls swoon at him. Competing for his attention.

All the moms smile affectionately. He is so personable, we all have fallen in love with him.

And my two year old. He follows every move, mesmerized. This little hero was his first friend. And his first hero, outside of his daddy.

Everyone is looking for a hero. Whether you are the two year old gazing adoringly at the three year old in costume or his momma looking for a hero amongst the ladies chatting. We all want someone to look at us....and occasionally rescue us...from the mundane of our lives.

Kind of humbling to realize I'm looking for a hero among the crowd. Shaking my head I wonder how many of them are also looking for a hero? Wonder if they ever look at me. *laughing* They would be sadly let down if I'm their hero. Just like I'm let down when I make them mine.

Must remember to keep my eyes on the true Hero.


Join the ladies at writing what they think when they hear of heroes. You'll be blessed!


Brenda said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing. I especially like the last I'm going to keep my eyes on the true Hero!

Jolene Underwood said...

Amen! Keeping our eyes on the true Hero. Love the story of your little one. Seeing little boys as they work out their nature to save and to be a hero is so fun. May you and your family be blessed in seeking Him.

Stacey said...

You're right. Everyone IS looking for a hero.