Wednesday, January 08, 2014

January 2014 Goals

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I find that I really do accomplish more when I post my goals somewhere.  So, it is a discipline that I will continue here in 2014 (plus it is a nice record at the end of the year to see what was accomplished).  I do have a master 2014 goal list, but will only post the monthly progress reports here.

So without further adieu,

1. Four Christmas ornaments --only did 3 since there was no board ornament exchange this year
2. One block on Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow--completed 1/2
3. Christmas cards--done
4. Enjoy Christmas--thoroughly

January Goals:
1.  Complete 1/2 block on AAHRH
2.  Complete 1/2 border on Tea Sampler
3.  Read 2 books
4.  Post 8 blog posts
5.  Write 2 letters
6.  Find missing cross stitch to frame

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