Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Minute Friday--SEE

Five Minute Friday  It's Friday, so time for the "writing flash mob" over at LisaJo Baker's blog.  This week's writing prompt is: SEE

 Timer set, GO:

He pulls at my glasses and demands that he wants glasses, "I need see." Emphatically shaking his head.  He's so cute and determined it is tempting to just run right down to the store and get them.

But I don't, because he does not need them.

He stomps into the room wearing his $2 sunglasses bought for those rare sunny days.  He has them on upside down, using the elastic band to hold them on his head.  He declares, "I see."  We all suppress our giggles.

He sits down with a book and proceeds to begin reading.  Then gets frustrated.  He throws off the dark glasses and says "I don't see."

I find him amusing and endearing.  But he also teaches me so much.  How often do I reach for the thing that I think will make me like the others only to be told I do not need it?  How often do I insist on wearing the fashionable when it is not useful?  How often do I do the very thing that blinds me when I am trying to see?

What lessons do I need to see in my two-year-old's antics?   Hopefully I am willing to see the truths that are being taught.


Come and join the fun!  Have a great weekend.


Melanie said...

Oh so true! What a great analogy. And yes I do it everyday! Thanks for this insight.

visiting from FMF

Anonymous said...

Hi, FMF neighbor. I like the lessons learned from children. Guess that's why Jesus told us to have childlike faith. Good analogy.