Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Learning to Visit

Five Minute Friday

Blogger wouldn't play nice yesterday, so I am doing a "Five Minute Saturday". This week's topic is VISIT.


The giggles pour in from the other room. They are having a "smart tea party" complete with real tea cups, sugar cubes and milk. They pass the sandwiches. "Would you like another, Madam?" That's the rule, all sentences must end with "madam". More giggles. More sharing.

Their voices drop as they talk about this, about that. All of a sudden one asks, "Do you know all of the Lord's Prayer?" They begin to recite it. They correct each other and eventually get it right. Why the Lord's Prayer? Who knows. Why does any conversation go the way it goes?

They talk about school, about the weather and about church. They tell jokes and tease one another. They talk quietly and seriously and they talk loudly and boisterously.

Then it hits me, standing in the next room ready to make more tea, these little girls are growing up. They are not playing at a grown-up tea. They are having a grown-up tea. They are learning the art of how to carry on a conversation and visit. They are learning the charms of their nature.

It makes me smile. This visit from these little girls. And it reminds me I need to visit with my girlfriends as well. Maybe I'll call one up to meet me for a cup of tea soon.


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Sheri Bennett said...

There's so much to learn from listening to children play. It's like a more objective window into our lives. Their pretend is their point of view about what they witness in the grown up people they know and love. What a beautiful reflection this is. Thanks for sharing.