Friday, January 03, 2014

Five Minute Fridays---FIGHT

Five Minute Friday

Joining with the amazing writers that write for Five Minutes every Friday at Lisa Jo's place.  Just five minutes, to get something on screen--less edited, more real.  This week's prompt is: FIGHT


They are arguing again. Over who's turn it is to do something. Or who left the book on the floor. Or where the sweater should be.  They argue, they fight.  Comes with being sisters who are sharing a room (one that is less space than the last room they shared). They fight because they are both head-strong and confident and independent and hate to yield.

And I fight to hold a little self-control and not shout at them to get along. And sometimes I lose that fight, but sometimes I win.

Then just when I think I cannot take any more, I hear singing. And giggling. And joyful chatter. Because they do that. They stop fighting and start enjoying each other's company. They do that because they are sisters.

And now I am fighting to not smile and tease them about liking each other.  Usually I lose the fight to not smile. 

They fight...and they love...because they are sisters.



Rachel Q said...

So great! I smiled right along with you at the scene you painted.
I have sisters and have lived out this scenario as well. And we are the best of friends now!

I love to see this in my own girls as well. Fighting for independence and finding their way through this thing called life.
Thanks for posting!

michelle said...

This is so sweet. I have a sister. She's 11 years younger than me. We didn't live together much growing up. So we didn't fight much. And I love her so much. Happy FMF!

Anonymous said...

This makes me laugh a little because mine are almost grown (25 & 21 yo)yet they still fight when they are together to long. But oh how the do truly love one other.