Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday--Let me Encourage you to join

So, I've been attempting to write along with Lisa Jo on Fridays at her Five Minute Friday. It may seem like a strange thing, to limit yourself to a one-word topic and only five minutes. But it is so much more than a topic and a few minutes. It is an encouragement.

It is an encouragement that whatever is on your heart is worth pouring out. It may be messy. It may not be polished. You may look back later and cringe at the glaring grammar mistake or the seemingly lack of coherence. But perfect grammar and beautiful construction is not the purpose. Giving voice to the things inside you is the purpose. They matter--before they are polished. So it encourages me to say what is in there. Sometimes there is more to say, and I write it out later. But it is the initial encouragement to just write.

It is an encouragement to use a little time to do what I love. It is only five minutes. Even on my busiest day, I can take five minutes. And when the five minutes is complete, I am encouraged that what I value is worth the time.

It is an encouragement to read what others are saying. The one-word prompts are open-ended so there is loads of interpretation. It is great to get a different perspective on a common theme.

It is an encouragement to have others read my words. The most important rule of Five Minute Friday is to visit your neighbour and encourage them. I won't lie, I love the feedback.

So it is not a strange little exercise to take part in on a Friday. It is an encouragement. I would encourage you to give it a try--there isn't anything difficult about it. In fact, I just did it---today's word is ENCOURAGEMENT!

Blessings on your day and your weekend.

To read more ENCOURAGing words, please visit Lisa Jo. You will be encouraged.

Five Minute Friday


hooahsgirl said...

Beautiful words :)

Measi said...

A fellow cross stitcher doing 5MF! Oh hello there! :)

If you need the encouragement with crafting, I'm hosting a fun little stitch-a-long via blogs called the WIPocalypse. It's always fun to share your progress and get cheered on by your fellow crafters.

Have a lovely weekend!

- Melissa @ Measi's Musings