Friday, October 02, 2009

Prayer Request

I'm coming begging today for some prayer support for a friend. V was my first e-maginary (computer forum) friend who I had the courage to contact by phone. We have spoken on the phone dozens of times and the number of emails between us on our *ahem* favorite subject (I won't tell you what) probably number in the high hundreds. We've not yet found a way to meet since the UK and Canada are slightly separated by an ocean, but we continue to try. She is a soul-sister and the truest type of friend you can have.

Friday she was was taken to hospital with numbness. While at hospital she had a seizure. The doctors have found three tumours on her brain and a spot on her lung. It is cancer. They must determine which is the primary source before making decisions. Please pray for quick answers, for a treatment plan and for a full recovery.

My heart is breaking for V and her husband and 4 children. Please, please, please pray! I know that we serve a God that can break into this situation in a HUGE way. Praying for miracles.


Velda said...

thank you my darling computer sister...I love you more than you know for more things than you'll ever know..

Kristin said...

I'm right there praying with you.

Margaret said...

We're all doing a lot of holding up and holding on. And prayers for our friend are lifting up across the world in places she doesn't even know she touches.