Thursday, October 01, 2009

The October Goal Post


Somehow I neglected to post goals in September. That was probably related to the computer fast caused by back pain. *sigh* So, here is a review of August's goals and my new goals for October.

August goals-revisited:
1. Finish Bent Creek Summer Row--yes!
2. Finish England block on NRR1--virtually, I can't decide if it needs something else
3. Spend time quilting
4. Celebrate as Jewel turns 7!--YES!
5. Enter current family tree information into updated program--yes
6. Try again to get German's closet cleaned out--don't faint but this is done!!!!
7. Complete planning for new school year--yes!
8. Plan a holiday ---YAY!!!

October goals:
1. Finish Bent Creek Autumn Row
2. Finish Texas block on NRR1
3. Stitch Christmas ornaments for Jewel and Flower
4. Stitch 2 more special Christmas ornaments
5. Complete half of Bethlehem Silhouette
6. Enjoy holiday
7. Start Jewel's 2nd grade/year 3 and Flower's Kindergarten/Year One

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Kristin said...

Hey MiPa...did you get the 3 emails from me about V?