Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The party is over, but new friends are made

Well the party is over. I managed to visit around 200 sites. I tried to comment on most of them, and I bookmarked several sites to visit again. Here are a few of the new possible friends I have found. I hope you enjoy their sites as much as I do.

I just enjoy the honesty, and her writing style here:

Some inspiration and challenge that I have found:, and

Mom of a preschooler I think I can identify with:
Dad of a preschooler I think I can identify with:
Mom wanting to raise daughters of beauty and grace:
Makes me homesick for Texas and challenges me too! and she participated in a new writing forum called woman-to-woman that I am praying about whether it is a place for me to participate. Check it out!

A few Americans living abroad to brighten my days:, (okay she is returning to the States, but she understand expat life), and

And finally, an awesome foodie site: An awesome cooking site:

The winner of my book give away was UKZoe. I'll be contacting her for an address to send it this week.

Thank you for visiting my site and for participating in the party


Anonymous said...

Oh I always love to visit recommended sites...I have listed cup of coffee and middle years on my bloglines...hope to check them out question is...where in Texas????? Our daughter was born in Texas...and we are praying she goes to A&A or we can follow her there and retire in Round Rock or in Texas????

Christy said...

Thanks so much for visiting and recommending my site :) I'm always so surprised that anyone who doesn't know me in real life enjoys reading my blog.

Your daughters are adorable! I love the chubby cheeks on your youngest.

wendell said...

I love how you take what you are discovering...learning and share it.


Grafted Branch said...

This is great, Mipa! Thanks for sharing all your "footwork" with us. I look forward to checking them out when I can find a minute.

Cyndi said...

I didn't "go" to the party, but I plan to visit some of the sites you linked. I already love a few of them, so I know I'll probably enjoy the others. Great list!

KarenW said...

That was a fun party and I hope they do it again when I'm not so busy! I'm still trying to visit new friends.