Monday, March 14, 2011

Multitude of Gifts--Visit Two

Continuing from last week...

26.  a teaching/preaching team that is extraordinary
27. a fellowship to gather with and worship
28. a small group of support and Bible study

29. noisy children
30. quiet moments alone

31. a class to stimulate my mind and interest
32. a husband who supports my interests
33. sunny days to practice photography

34. a roof over my head
35. fresh water
36. food in the pantry
37. the knowledge my family and friends are all safe
38. the honour of lifting a devestated country in prayer
39. resources to help

40. promises finally kept
41. opportunities unfolding
42. email
43. skype
44. cheap international phone calls

45. a quiet neighbourhood
46. a safe refuge
47. HOME
48. Family
49. Church
50. Hope

Celebrating God's goodness in community with A Holy Experience.

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