Monday, March 07, 2011

Multitude of Gifts--Visit One

Two (or was it three?) years ago, when Ann Voskamp first introduced on her blog counting to a 1000 gifts, I participated throughout the month of November. It was amazing how something that simple, writing down the things in gratitude, changed my perspective for that time period. Then life interfered, and I let it go.

At Christmas 2010, I challenged my step-mother and sisters to join me in being intentional about gratitude this year. Each of us received a journal and Ann's book. And for two months I have told myself I needed to also post my list here because here is my accountability. Here is where I bring the things hidden to a forefront so that I have to face them. This week, I have finally got my act together to post.

The beginnings of my (new) list of gratitude (unfortunately without photos, maybe I'll get that far next week):

1. new beginnings
2. warm home
3. opportunities
4. Flower's six years
5. Barbie cakes and smiles

6. time with family
7. watching my girls experience first sled ride
8. hard business completed
9. a movie with my husband
10. and dinner out too!
11. whilst granddaughters and grandparents made memories
12. skip-bo games with 3 generations
13. much needed time alone with dear aunt

14. family trees
15. revealing cousins lives
16. gaining understanding of immigrating
17. comparing their experience to ours

18. talkative taxi drivers giving insight into community
19. snatches of time in a school corridor with other parents
20. laughter of my children
21. mentors for my children

22. a little one who still likes to snuggle
23. a little one who is asserting independence

24. validation of home school endeavor

25. honour of praying for a friend

Joining in community


Craig said...

I’m here from Ann’s today.

My favorite one, because I always pick a favorite one – even if there are lots, is your last one: 25. honour of praying for a friend (because I’m really enjoying this honor of late – and amazed how God takes one little prayer and sends it out so far – amen for this one)

And I get the life intervening part – I’m glad it has let go – for now :)

This was terrific. Thank you

God Bless and keep you and all of yours.

Kay K said...

Wonderful thankfulness ....I joined Ann this is will be the 42week of counting blessings wow how it changes ones mind to look at all things as a blessing
I also wanted to get a journnal from my mother in law
Thanks for sharing

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm just so glad I stopped by today! I, too, had started a few years ago and somehow let it slip by the wayside. It was the reading of the book that made it all become so real and I'm so glad I started counting -- again! New beginnings! How blessed we are that God gives them to us freely and so often!!!! Thank you for writing your list today! I'm so blessed for being here!