Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Other Words--Finding Answers


How did all the animals fit into the ark?
Was Job really patient?
What happened to Jonah after the wilting plant and his temper tantrum?
Why did God chose purple for lilacs? Why not make them rainbow striped?

We all ask them. As a child I asked lots of them.
I remember as a child some 'wise' adult answered one of my questions with "when we get to heaven you can ask God that."
I accepted that answer.
So the next time I asked one of those impossible questions, I got a similar answer. Which I accepted.
Until the day that I didn't. I just didn't accept that answer any more.
Instead, I replied, "when I get to heaven I don't think I'll care about that anymore."

With that realization, I took one more step on the journey of faith. So many questions will fade away in the face of Jesus.

"I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. You are yourself the answer. Before your face questions die away. What other answer would suffice?"

~ C.S. Lewis ~

I know so many people who get hung up on the details of seemingly unanswered questions. Yet they are afraid to look into the face of the Answer to their questions. They miss the big picture for the details.

What questions keep you from looking at The Answer? Maybe they are important questions and maybe He will lead you to a tangible answer. But maybe, just maybe, their purpose is to get you to gaze on him. Praying you find The Answer today.

Our wonderful hostess this week is Jen at Ponderings of an Elect Exile. Come, visit and be blessed.


Tami Boesiger said...

Oh my, I nearly laughed out loud reading this. Same format, same idea. Wow.

Smiling at the thought of you this morning, my "twin." Have a great day!

Bonnie said...

Miriam, All I could see as I read your blog this morning were the faces of my younger grandchildren. they are always asking questions like this. LOL! But you are so right - how many of them will really matter when we get to heaven? Probably not a one! Bless you!

Carol said...

Enjoyed your post . . . "so many questions will fade away in the face of Jesus."

Marsha Young said...

Miriam -
Indeed! What questions keep us from looking at the Answer?

Makes me squirm to think of some of the questions I get hung up about. Thank you.

Jennifer said...

I think Satan really does use those unanswered questions sometimes to try to "hang us up" and keep us from looking at The Answer. But...as you say, so many questions will fade in the face of Jesus. Thanks so much for this post today! (And my apologies again for being late with the linky!)

Danielle Sends a Hug said...

The older I get the less I question and rely on God being in charge....it certainly gives me more free to time to do His will ;).....always a pleasure to read your posts!!!! Hugs!

Craig said...

Questions. Oh boy. I had so many of them and some of them made me stumble - but almost all of them were just building blocks to the faith I have now - I know that I know and I know enough to know it would be illogical not to believe. Plus I choose to believe anyway. I hearted this topic - and the way you wrote it - and C.S. Lewis - wisdom - thank you. God Bless

cin said...

You, Friend, are dead right!
I also answer several questions with "Gonna have to ask God, I got nothing." Ha!

"But maybe, just maybe, their purpose is to get you to gaze on him." I pocketed these words. Delicious perfection.