Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Marriage Monday, on a Tuesday--Speak Your Support

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It is another Marriage Monday, again hosted by the lovely Chrysalis. This month, in honor of it still being summer, she states, “let’s keep it light and easy with an open topic about anything you want to write about marriage.”

I appreciate the thought. But right now, my summer is not light, nor easy. Work issues are not being resolved. Church issues are frustrating at best. Illness in extended family is worrying. Friends are struggling greatly. Light and easy are not parts of our vocabulary.

In spite of all that, I would venture that our marriage is probably stronger than it has ever been. When the stresses of life bear down, marital strength becomes more complex and more necessary. We have found that there is no one else to lean on during these times. We refuse to speak of our specific frustrations to others because that would only denigrate the character of others. It has long been my contention that spouses should always be the first and primary support of one another in times of trouble, sometimes you become the only support.

We have been in this spot for a while. Nevertheless, a few nights ago, German interjected into an unrelated conversation, “thanks for putting up with all my work junk.” He does not have to thank me. I would readily walk any path he needs to walk with him. But it was nice to hear it. Sometimes we need to hear that what we are doing makes a difference.

So, that is my encouragement to you this month. If you are not finding life “light and easy,” if you are experiencing more “worse” than “better,” if you are struggling and your spouse is struggling along with you, take a few moments to acknowledge that you see the sacrifice they are making. It could make all the difference in the world.


Tami Boesiger said...

I appreciate your advice to acknowledge the sacrifices of the other. A little goes a long way, doesn't it?

And thanks for admitting marriage isn't always roses. You make us all feel better.

Tami Boesiger said...

Hey, I forgot to mention I like your new clothes. Lookin' good!

April said...

Terrific post. It is those times when things are difficult, that a simple "thank you" means a lot! You will be in my prayers.

e-Mom said...

You're so right. Just because it's summer, and the weather is sunny and warmer, doesn't mean that life is necessarily "light and easy." How I wish it were so!

I will keep you and German in prayer, MiPa. I remember a photo of German on a giant slide (a wagon? in Spokane?) May those carefree days return for both of you.

Thank you for joining us for Marriage Monday.

Love 'n hugs,


Constance said...

I hear you because right now, in our family situation, it isn't exactly raining "SKITTLES" out of the sky! That's what I love about my man though, he stands firm when those winds outside howl against our door!

Kristin said...

It is so important to recognize what your spouse does for you especially if they do it willingly. Great post MiPa.

The Mellberg Family said...

Thank you, your post always speak to me when I need it the most.