Monday, August 10, 2009

August Goals


Wait! How is it already the 10th? Good intentions to post this on time, failed.

July goals revisited:
1. Complete Stargazer!--actually completed 8/6/09
2. Complete Bent Creek Season Row--Summer--50%
3. Finish 3 blocks for sampler quilt and pin top--no quilting
4. Finish revamping header and blog look (watch this space!)--YAY!!!
5. Meet a Cross Stitch Board friend for the first time! ;-)--bummer, didn't work out
6. Complete closet clean-out (have done mine and girls, need to do German's closet)

August goals:
1. Finish Bent Creek Season Row
2. Finish England block on NRR1
3. Spend time quilting anything
4. Celebrate as Jewel turns 7!
5. Enter current family tree information into updated program
6. Try again to get German's closet cleaned out
7. Complete planning for new school year
8. Plan a holiday

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