Friday, June 01, 2007

May Goals Revisited

How can it already be June? Time is flying by. Anyway, here is the recap of last months' goals and adding some for this month.

1. Finish Jeremiah Junction "For Every Season" no...need about 5 more hours to complete
2. Finish 50% of the rocks on my fish RR't even touch it
3. Keep up with Blackwork Round Robin yes, sent and new one received
4. Complete baby quilt for the Cross Stitch Crazy message board yes, completed, mailed and received (pics to come)

1. Keep up with and complete all the reading for 40 Days of Community at church yes..40 days complete!
2. Stay on track with Beth Moore Patriarch's study yes
3. Stay on track with I AM blog Bible Study yes
4. Order summer curriculum for Jewel done and received (Rosetta Stone German and Ann V.'s(Holy Experience) Geography)
5. Enroll Jewel in swim lessons yes...she's had 2 lessons and loves it
6. Complete at least 2 photo albums only finished one
7. Plan a family weekend away yes...great time away in Norfolk last weekend

And now for June's goals:
1. Really finish JJ's There is a Season
2. Complete rocks on fish RR to 25% (yes I'm lowering my standard)
3. Complete quilting on Jewel's quilt and pin on other quilt top
4. Organize fabric closet
5. Stay on track with Beth Moore Patriarch study
6. Stay on track with I AM blog Bible Study
7. Sort printed pictures into album stacks, decide what I need to print for next album
8. Finish Pre-K homeschooling year!

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jen said...

"Time is flying by" I was just thinking about this too

sounds you like you had a busy May

my prayers are with you for June