Friday, June 01, 2007

I AM---Lesson Seven, Who am I?

Another great week with Lisa's study! Here are my answers to the discussion questions. Please visit here to get the background study as well.

Discussion Questions:

1. How would you answer the questions, "Who Am I?" I really like the words God gave me as I was writing my profile for who I am. I'm a lot of people--but all wrapped up in the title Redeemed Child of The Holy God.

2. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt inadequate because of your lack of a 'tagline'?

At first I struggled to think of a situation. But then God reminded me of one of my first teaching roles in our former church. I was teaching "Decision Making" course that was about counseling folk who came to the church to make membership/salvation/or other decisions. I thought I was ready. I knew my material. I'm a good speaker (at least I think so). Then I saw my class: three deacons and one deacon wife, all 25+ years my elder, all with more experience sharing the Gospel than I would ever hope to achieve. I was intimidated. I felt totally inadequate--and that is probably the favorite class I have ever taught. They were so gracious and teachable and I loved it. The tagline doesn't always matter.

3. Do you have skills or position that you believe God could use mightily if only He would?

Hmmmm...I have skills and experiences that I believe that God is using (teaching, writing, insight from years as a social worker). I have skills that are not currently being called upon. But the 'if only He would' bothers me--who am I to tell Him which skills He should use? I find, often, when I try to tell God how He should use me, He clearly (and painfully) reminds me that I am not Him. More of that trust stuff I've been trying to learn.

4. Have you ever lost a position or station in life you believe could have 'helped God out' with something He has asked you to do? If you haven't lost out, do you perhaps feel you have to gain this in order to be useful to the Kingdom?

I was once on church staff. I was part of the 'inner circle' that influenced so much of what was happening in the church. When we moved, there was a sense of loss for that position because of how I perceived God using me through it. (there was also a sense of relief that I no longer had that kind of responsibility) I realized later that I needed to not be in that position until God had time to dull the sharp edges of pride that I developed in that time. As much as I thought I was 'helping God out' I was probably more of a hindrance. By 'losing' the position and the pride associated with it, I have gained so much more.

5. How are you with your dialogue vs. doubt conversations with God? Which does God hear most from you?

I talk to God pretty much all the time that I am not talking to my kids, husband or another person. I have a steady conversation going on in my head. It does include the doubt conversations, because I think God is perfectly able to handle my doubts. But honestly the conversation is more of a monologue. I am convicted in this study that I need to shut up more often to allow God to speak. Then, and only then, can I call it a dialogue. *sigh*

6. Do you believe God's Wonders become more wonderful if they originate in the ordinary? Any Scripture references come to mind?

I think that wonders are wonderful period. I think we recognize the wonder out of the ordinary more because it is easy to expect extraordinary from extraordinary. When God moves in the unlikely, it is difficult to deny. There were a myriad of Scriptures that came to mind, but my favorite OT story reminds me of God's wonders. In Joshua 11:6-12, Caleb is claiming his mountain that was promised when he was a truthful spy forty-five years before. He tells Joshua, at age 85 he is just as strong as he was at 40 and he is ready to conquer his mountain--and he does. God enables an 85 year old faithful servant to keep the strength of his youth. And the victory was more wonderful because of the unlikelihood. I want to be aware of how God is strengthening me when I am faithfully following His lead.


Denise said...

I love your answers, bless you.

Beloved said...

Your answers are just precious and so real. Thanks for sharing.

jen said...

They are great studies arent they
pleased youre involved :)

Nise' said...

Your new look is very nice! I am with you on the needing to "shut up" and listen to what GOd has to say! Thanks for sharing your answers!

~Layers*of*Me~ said...

Your answer to #1 is both intriguing and powerful. It goes to show all of us just how unimportant titles, taglines and the like really are.

God Bless You!

Etta said...

Thanks for sharing. Appreciate your answers.