Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stitching Insanity

There is talk on the cross stitch message board I frequent about 2007 stitching plans. So I thought that I would go ahead and put my *ahem* lofty plans in writing. Several of us have dubbed 2007 the Selfish Stitching year to do some things for ourselves. Although I am going to do quite a lot of selfish stitching, I’m also going to be doing the usual Round Robins and exchanges. I can’t help myself, lol. It is also the year of “Finish the Finishes.” It’s time to actually frame or make into ornaments all of these lovely projects done over the years.

So here are the plans…
Projects to Complete:
1. Jean Farish America Land that We Love (to be finished well before the end of January if I stitch a state a day as planned)
2. Rosewood Manor Flag Sampler (goal end of March)
3. Jeremiah Junction There is a Time (goal end of March—over 80%)
4. Bug Sampler (goal end of April)
5. My Neighbourhood Round Robin (goal end of June)
6. Stoney Creek Break Time (goal end of November)
All of these projects are currently started and just need to be finished!

Finishes to be Finished:
1. Neuschwanstein Castle (frame)
2. Snow Seasons RR (frame)
3. Jeremiah Junction seasons (wall hanging)
4. Stitch it Forward 05 (frame)
5. Stitch it Forward 06 (?)
6. Rosemary (stitched by Velda—put on memory book cover)
7. Gemma (stitched by Margaret—put on memory book cover)
8. Cruise RR (memory box)
9. Beatitudes RR (quilted wall hanging)
10. Cardinal Welcome (frame)
11. Quilt RR (frame)
12. Jingle All the Way (not sure)
13. Preamble Sampler (frame)

Starts I’d like to make:
1. Mystic Stitch Solitude (after flag sampler complete)
2. Hinzeit Missouri
3. Hinzeit Texas
4. Hinzeit Washington
5. Hinzeit Alabama
6. Bent Creek Season Rows (all 4)
7. Noah’s Submarine (plan to start in September, goal to finish 12/08)
8. Mirabilia Stargazer (#88)
(to be my weekend project once flag sampler is 50%)
9. Mirabilia Fairy Moon (#2)(after Stargazer)

UFO Projects to find a good home for or dispose of:
1. Confederate Soldier group
2. Prayer for a Busy Day
3. Remembrance egg
4. Union Soldier group

How to accomplish all this? The rotation:
Monday and Friday: Obligation stitching (quilt squares, round robins)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Focus Piece
Saturday, Sunday: whatever I want (especially Stargazer, Solitude)
Focus Pieces:
January: ALTWL, Hinzeit MO, Flag Sampler
February: Flag Sampler, Hinzeit TX
March: JJ There is a Time, Hinzeit WA, Solitude
April: Bug Sampler, Hinzeit AL
May: NRR, Bent Creek Rows
June: NRR, Bent Creek Rows, Solitude
July: Bent Creek Rows, Stoney Creek, start ornaments
August: Bent Creek Rows, Stoney Creek, finish ornaments
September: Noah Submarine
October: Solitude
November: Noah Submarine
December: Solitude

You can forward all of my mail to the asylum. I think I must have lost my mind, lol!


Tina said...

WOW, what a list. Can I ask which pattern the confederate solider one is? I may be interested in taking it off your hands. :o)

hollyday said...

That is quite an impressive list! I'm also impressed by your organization ;). I always start out organized and then something happens to throw everything off, so I think this year I'll have very loose and flexible goals lol ;). I can't wait to see the pics--if anyone can do it you can! ((hugs))

wendell said...

Oh my gosh Mipa, what a list! :) Happy stitching!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the time??? I used to cross stitch for many years...then ran out of people to give my creations to...and space on my walls. However, I may just have to pick it back up with that Flag Sampler...I have placed it in My Favorites to think about...I was getting quite comfortable doing nothing BTW ;)

Anonymous said...

That's quite a list! I'm going to plan my 2007 stitching next week.