Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Gifts

Before I list gifts, I just wanted to say that I pray that yesterday's post was not painful for some of my faithful readers. I realize that sometimes marriages end no matter how committed one party is to the marriage. Perhaps the other party is not committed or there is abuse that cannot be tolerated or there are safety issues for yourself or your children. God looks at those latter instances with mercy. If you have committed and your partner did not and left you desolate, God has grace for you. Those are not the case in the marriage I mentioned yesterday. Further both parties claim the name of Christ and therefore it is even harder to fathom the treatment that is taken place. If you were pained yesterday by what I wrote, my heart goes out to you. Blessings....

Now more gifts:
311. Feeted pajamas on little feet
312. The words "Mommy, potty" said spontaneously by Flower (& she went!)
313. The laughter I hear as they play tea party in the next room
314. A God who is Compassionate to the Grieving
315. A God who Mends Broken Hearts
316. A God who Mends Broken Dreams
317. A God who displays what commitment is and upholds my commitments
318. The joy of watching Anne's sons watch her and their dad renew wedding vows
319. Friends who drop everything to pray--even when all I say is "just pray" (thank you Kristin!)
320. Celtic Harp Christmas carols
321. Carolers on the street
322. houses lit up for Christmas
323. Jewel running around the house singing "Happy Birthday to you, Jesus"
324. Knowing that they *get* that Christmas is about Jesus
325. Quilted table runners wrapped for Christmas gifts
326. Gingerbread cookies (or at least the ingredients on my cabinet waiting to be made)
327. New cross-stitched ornaments on my tree
328. Orange flavored hot chocolate--yum!
329. Pain medication for a loved one in such pain
330. Airplanes to take German home to see her
331. Peace that she is in God's hands
332. Hope that her daughter and her son will see the Savior through this illness
333. Joy that we get to be ones who share the hope of God with them
334. Time to enjoy our families
335. A few extra hugs and kisses
336. Jewel's discovery of art books
337. Jewel's joy is deciding who would love what picture
338. My joy that she understands what art makes mommy happy
339. O Holy night drifting up the stairs
340. A phone call with my aunt yesterday (on her 76th birthday). Miss you Jeannie!
341. Contentment
342. Security
343. Christmas cards through my door
344. Recalling faces and good times with the people who signed their names to those cards.
345. Flowers blossoming speech
346. More to come...

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Ame said...

may God bless our marriages ... may our committments be real and pure and holy and protected with every fiber of our beings.

(with great respect for you, i would caution you with your friends ... i am quite certain the whole truth is not being shared ... there is probably a lot more there than anyone outside of the marriage knows. consider praying and asking God to enable you to see the Truth in your friends' marriage that He wants you to see.)