Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Gifts

276. A decorated Christmas tree
277. Wire to hold the tree up
278. No injuries when the tree fell over (pre-wire) on little girls playing with the tree.
279. Twinkling lights
280. Ornaments made by stitching friends
281. Ornaments painted by Cherri and Marilyn when I was a child
282. Glass ornaments (safely stored this year) provided by a BIL who quickly learned what warmed my heart.
283. Snowmen decorating the house
284. Stockings on the mantle
285. A new tradition of a Jesse Tree
286. Poinsettias
287. Mistletoe
288. Holly
289. Cinnamon candles
290. Advent readings
291. A real sense of Christ coming this season
292. Birds singing outside my window
293. A hot shower
294. Cucumber shampoo
295. Running water
296. Abundance of basic needs
297. Laughter with friends while studying the Bible
298. The dream of a tea party
299. China cups
300. sugar cubes
301. Lady Grey tea
302. My sewing machine
303. Talent given by God to create
304. Friends who taught me to use those talents
305. Quilt tops ready to be quilted
306. Cotton wadding--soft and ready to be placed in the quilt
307. Bright colors
308. Early morning time to be alone with God
309. children sleeping past when I get out of bed
310. blogging friends to encourage my journey


Anonymous said...

Cucumber shampoo...that sounds like it smells great!! Glad there were no injuries from a toppling Christmas tree...that used to worry me when Sam was young....also, our dog peeing on the tree ;)

Anonymous said...

Tell me more about your new Jesse tree.

And mmmmmmm on the cucumber shampoo and Lady Grey tea (though not together).

Grafted Branch said...

Oh, I can count on one hand the number of times I've enjoyed 308 and 309!

Anonymous said...

Love the tradition of a Jesse tree. Oh how I would love to have a cup of that tea with you and discuss this wonderful list...