Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Security--where is it

I've been thinking a lot about security for this week's Bible Study, just not blogging much, yet. Mostly I've been asking God to show me where I place my daily security. I know my eternal security is in Jesus' nail-scarred hands, but do I live in that everyday? More and more I see that my daily security is in my husband, my kids, my abilities, our retirement savings, etc etc etc. I need to seriously think about how to align my daily living security with the Saviour I know holds it. More soon, but just something to think about.


Margaret said...

I like to think that since we are all made in the image of God, that I look in the faces of my husband and children and there I see the face of the LORD. So that although I should not be placing my trust entirely in the security I feel in my relationship with them, that I can place my trust in the reflections of the divine I see in them.

MiPa said...

Oh Margaret I love that description. I may quote you on Friday at Bible Study. Thank you!

Camy Tang said...

I like that thought--daily security--it's something I don't think about often enough. Thanks for the reminder today!