Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In Other Words: My Partner and My Friend

"A husband is a guy who tells you when you've
got on too much lipstick and helps you with
your girdle when your hips stick."
~ Ogden Nash ~

I have a wonderful husband. He is my friend, my partner, my confidante, my lover, and my sanity at times. He is a great father. He is our provider and our leader. He is also very private and would prefer that I never write about him. Ahem. So instead of writing a story about him, I'll write a prayer for him.

Thank you for providing such a God-centered man to lead our family. Thank you for giving him a level-headedness in times of trouble. Thank you for making him compassionate toward others and passionate toward his family.

I pray that you will protect him today. Protect him as he commutes to and from work in order to provide for the family you gave him. Protect him as he makes decisions that affect the company he works for and the people who work under him. Protect his integrity as he meets with people, and in the business dealings that always ask a person to push the line, even slightly. Protect his Christian walk, that the people around him will see You at work in him and want some of what he has. Protect his peace if decisions are not as he would have them.

I pray that you will bless him today. Bless him with co-workers who will have kind words. Bless him with time to get away from the hurry of work and regroup. Bless his "iron sharpening" time today that both he and his friend may be challenged and encouraged. Bless him with a welcoming home when he returns and not the chaos of toddlers run amok. Bless him with a feeling of satisfaction that this was a day well-done, and well-served.

Thank you for the Blessing of him. In Jesus' precious and loving name....Amen


Anonymous said...

I shall join you in prayer for both our husbands. Amen :)

Heather said...

Takes me back to Stomie O'Martian's "The Power of a Praying Wife" AND reminds me that I need to go pray for mine. thank you.

The Imperfect Christian said...

I sent up a very similiar prayer for my husband last night! Beautiful words.

Amydeanne said...

Amen! A great prayer and one I'll say for my hubby too!

Jennifer said...

Amen. It's so important to realize what we've been given.