Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Conversation

The scene:
Mom is in the kitchen finishing up dinner. Dad's keys can be heard in the door. Flower and Jewel are building blocks in the living room.

Jewel: Mom, Flower did a no-no behind the chair.
Mom: What did you do (as she goes to living room). (spies the scissors and hundreds of little pieces of index cards bought for memory verses scattered. puts scissors up, picks up paper, slaps Flower's hand once)
Mom: NO NO, you don't take Mommy's scissors.
Flower sits on couch, juts bottom lip out and pouts
Jewel: Daddy, Flower did a no-no come see.
Daddy: What will you say first?
Jewel: Welcome home Daddy, now come see.
Daddy: Is this hair? (pointing to 2 lovely locks of curls under the chair)
Mommy: Looks like hair. Whose hair is this?
Jewel: I don't know.
Mommy: Either you cut Flower's hair or Flower cut your hair (chekcing both heads of curls so thick I can't tell) so you know. Whose hair is this?
Jewel: I don't know.
Daddy: I will spank you if you are lying to me.
Jewel: It's Flower's.
(Mommy slaps Jewel's hand one time for using scissors. Daddy puts Jewel in time out for blaming Flower and getting her in trouble. Jewel experiences grace of not getting punished for lying about whose hair it is).

Back to your regularly scheduled blog.


Camy Tang said...

Oh my goodness! Kids with scissors = endless possibilities.

Margaret said...

Kids and scissors.... never a good mix, huh?

Emma said...

Hehehe! We have had innumerable impromptu haircuts around here. Little horrors just wait for a moment when my back is turned.


Jen said...

oh dear this does bring back memories
do they still look as pretty still