Sunday, November 01, 2009

November Goal Post


October goals (revisited):
1. Finish Bent Creek Autumn Row yes
2. Finish Texas block on NRR1--almost (hedges, mailbox and sidewalks needed)
3. Stitch Christmas ornaments for Jewel and Flower--yes
4. Stitch 2 more special Christmas ornaments--one finished one started
5. Complete half of Bethlehem Silhouette--kings finished
6. Enjoy holiday--Enjoy does not even begin to describe how great this was!
7. Start Jewel's 2nd grade/year 3 and Flower's Kindergarten/Year One --yes

November Goals:
1. Encourage girls to have a thorough clear out of toy room
2. Have Christmas cards ready to post on November 27
3. Plan Thanksgiving dinner for unsuspecting British friends (a highlight of every year to introduce someone new to Thanksgiving)
4. Finish Bent Creek Winter Row
5. Finish-finish the ornaments stitched last month
6. Work on Flower's purple quilt or German's t-shirt quilt
7. Finish NRR Texas block, roundabouts and plan/graph the border
8. Finish Bethlehem Silhouette

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