Monday, November 30, 2009

Marriage Monday--Men and Christmas

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This month, Marriage Monday prompted us to interview our husbands regarding their views of Christmas.  German obliged with answering the five questions.  I used four of the questions E-Mom posed to E-Dad but I changed question number four since German loves Christmas and is never "not into" the holiday ever.  So, without further adieu, here is my interview with German.

How would you describe your ideal Christmas? (we determined that this meant ideal Christmas season not just one day)
There would be plenty of time off or days with less pressure at work to get more into the mood of Christmas.  Second, there would be lots of time with family--just the four of us and with extended family too.  Third, we would be able to go out and do things like seasonal activities, movies, just walking and talking.  Really, the ideal is just being able to enjoy the whole thing and it not be a chore.

How do you think our expectations differ at Christmas?
I don't have any sense that they do.  We experience opening presents differently, but that is because of how we were brought up--and we expect the other to be different.

What are your thoughts on exchanging gifts?
I hope that this isn't read by lots of people who see all of Christmas gifts as evil! (I assured him it wasn't!)  I don't see anything wrong with giving gifts as long as the focus on the reason for the season is not lost.  Christmas is about showing love and thanks to family and that is why we exchange gifts.  If it happens to coincide with a season that the world likes to do it as well, that is great.

How does the fact that you grew up in a household with a totally secular Christmas impact how you do Christmas now?
Looking back there was no love in how we did Christmas, and there was definitely no mention of Jesus.  So I don't look back fondly at those non-Christian Christmases.  In fact, I can only remember one gift I ever received growing up and have no real Christmas memories.  We never had a real tree because it was messy.  [Christmas ended up being a hassle.]  Now that I know the reason for the season I look forward to Christmas because it is not just [hassle] but it is focusing on Jesus. 
NB:  This discussion continued for quite some time of  how to keep the focus on Jesus but also allow our girls to look back with fond memories when they are adults.

How do you focus on the deeper meaning of Christ's birth?
Christmas is a reminder that Jesus was born to save us because we are sinners.  It is good to have that reminder each year.

There you have it, a slice of Christmas thoughts from German's perspective.  If you would like to see what the other husbands are saying about Christmas, please join us at E-Mom's place.


April said...

Your husband sounds like my husband - never "not into" Christmas! Thanks for sharing your interview and Merry Christmas!

tonya said...

Great post. It has been fascinating hearing from the guys' point of view.
Merry Christmas!

Wife of Rob said...

Loved German's responses and SO thrilled that he now spends a non-secular Christmas each year....there's so much more joy there! Praise God that you are both living it out in front of the children!

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas MiPa!~


Denise said...

Awesome interview.

e-Mom said...

A man who loves everything about Christmas! You're blessed indeed. :~D

It's been neat to read about how many of the MM husbands enjoy the time spent with family at Christmas.

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, MiPa. ((Hugs))

Constance said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. So many people miss the whole point of Christmas but fortunately not our men! Dave's youngest brother Perry, I lovingly call him "Mr Grinch" and ask him if his shoes are too small? He focusues too much on the negative and commercialism out there regarding Christmas. I don't deny tht retailers have gone overboard but I choose to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and exchanging gifts. I know that I am the happier for it!!

I don't give gifts out of obligation; even the Christmas Party for Dave's work (Burlington Northern Santa Fe RR) discontinued that practice years ago. Now instead of buying $20 gifts to exchange we buy and contribute toys to children through the "Cowboy Santa" program headed by the Fort Worth Fire & Police Departments! I love giving a bicycle every year to a child rather than buying thoughtless, unnecessary stuff for people who don't need it!

Blessed Christmas!

Tami Boesiger said...

Nicely done, German!