Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recipe for a Perfect Holiday

1. Choose the perfect villa

2. Sleep late and greet the day with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Eat breakfast by the pool.  

4. Swim (or lay by the pool and read)

5. Have Lunch by the pool.

6. Move to roof top terrace to nap/read/stitch/veg

7. If you must check your blog or work, make sure you have a view.

8. Swim

9. Shower and get ready to go to town for dinner

10. Eat dinner on a rooftop terrace whilst watching the sun set.

11. Return to villa and put girls to bed.

12. Have nightcap on terrace and stargaze. Over the two weeks watch the full moon become a sliver. Use telescope for better views of Jupiter.

13. Go to bed.

14. Lather, rinse, repeat for two weeks.

If in desperate need of variation, walk down to marina and play in the Mediterranean Sea,

do a little shopping, 

or take 30 minute dolumus ride to Patera beach for an awesome day out exploring ruins and playing in the sand and water!

If really desperate for something to do, hike up the olive grove to get great views of the sea.  Bring Mommy back pictures!

We did take a road trip to Kusadasi and Ephesus.  I'll post pictures from that leg of the trip tomorrow.  This was a magical holiday.  The first time I can ever remember that we were content to stay within 30 minutes of the place we were sleeping for days on end.  Restful, warm and perfect place to vacation.


Megan said...

I want to go on vacation with your family! LOL You visit the most amazing places :)

And I can't get over how big the girls are getting!

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