Thursday, April 30, 2009

The May Goal Post


Revisiting April Goals:
1. Finish Emily Jane's quilt--yes
2. Finish office organization--about 85%
3. Work on Bent Creek Season Rows--Spring and Summer--Spring complete (come back tomorrow for pics)
4. Complete Kristin's All About Me RR if arrives--arrived when on holiday so not yet stitched

April is mainly a family month, so not as much goal setting as life living to be done!--Memory making was huge success!

May Goals:
1. Complete 50% Stargazer (a new start! yay)
2. Finish Kristin's All About Me RR
3. Work on Bent Creek Season Row--Summer
4. Finish 3 blocks for sampler quilt and pin top
5. Prep T-shirts for T-shirt quilt
6. Quilt Around the World quilt (already pinned)
7. Complete office reorganization
8. Complete closet clean-out (have done mine and girls, need to do German's closet)

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Margaret said...

I'm so glad that you're starting Stargazer!!!!