Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Menu

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Monday: Pasta and tomato sauce with salad (just kids and I)
Tuesday: Chef's salads and garlic bread (just kids and I)
Wednesday: Ham Roll-ups and chips (Bible Study night)
Thursday: Taggliatelli and pork with marscapone cheese, salads, corn
Friday: Baked Trout, Steamed carrots, salad
Saturday: Decca's Chicken, Drunkard Style (from Maya Angelou's Hallelujah the Welcome Table), baked potatoes, green beans
Sunday: Navy Bean and Ham soup, Homemade Bread in the bread machine


Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous! I'll be over for the chicken on Saturday ;)


Anonymous said...

My daughter just came into my office and asked what is for is 5:00..and I said "I don't know"...I wish I was as organized and on top of meal planning as you!!!!

Tina said...

Sounds great but I have to ask what you do to the chicken to make it drunkard. ;o)

MiPa said...

lol Tina--half a bottle of chardonnay. It's a new recipe so I'll let you know if it's any good.