Tuesday, September 15, 2015


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Returning books is easy. Returning a compliment, piece of cake. Returning to a favourite haunt, a joy.  But finding a way to return to blogging has been rather difficult.  Time gets away. So much happens that I have thought "I should write about that" and didn't. And more time erodes. Until the moment that two very lovely friends show back up on your blog. One just posts that she came by to say hello.  The other corners me and says "waiting since April is way too long." And she is right. April? Really?

Let's see, in April we went to the States. We saw family. We saw the Grand Canyon. We had a wonderful time. Then we returned to real life and almost immediately received word a dear friend had lost her battle with cancer. I couldn't write--I could barely speak at times. But grief ebbs and duty calls and I spent May and June focused on school. In July we went to Ireland for basically VBS on the beach for two weeks. And we re-connected with friends. And we relaxed. Then we returned to real life. Then in August the girls went away to church camp. Jewel made me the mother of a teenager. And, we started back to school.  In the midst of it all, we have lived life, loved each other, fought with each other, forgiven each other and started the cycle all over again. I could have...should have...blogged. But life was in the way.

I've missed being here.  Even when all I do is track my goals and my Scripture memory, it is a good place to be. It is a focus place for me.  Plus I miss the community. I am grateful that my friends have said "where is your voice?"  So I will try to be a little more faithful.  I won't promise that I won't get caught up in living life, because that is my first priority. But I need, for me, to make writing a priority again. So please don't give up on me, and hound me if I am away too long.

Come with me to one of my favourite haunts....my blog....and let us find joy together.

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