Friday, April 03, 2015

April Goal Post

March got rather muddled, so not as many posts.  April is quite busy, but I will be back.  Here is my goal report.

In March my goals were:

1. Complete the 2015 RR I received today--yes
2.  Finish Fairy Moon--hardly touched it
3.  Blog 4 times--only 2 times
4. Write 2 letters--no
5. Lose 2 pounds--lost, gained, relost
6. Memorize 2 verses with the Siestas at Living Proof--yes
7.  Finish stitching Summer Garden by Drawn Thread--yes, pics soon
8.  Finish two books for fun and 4 school-related books--5 school related (Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry is an amazing book set in 1930s Mississippi, a hard read but worth it. A Letter to Mrs Roosevelt was a sweet story based on a true events.  The Second Mrs Gioconda was a really fun book about Leonardo da Vinci and why he might have painted the Mona Lisa. The Great and Terrible Quest is set in medieval England.  Was a decent story but rather predictable.  The Kitchen Madonna was a sweet quick book of how two children are trying to make their Ukrainian maid feel at home.  Worth an afternoon's read.  I only read one book for fun, and it was one Jewel read for school last year and said I should read.  It was When My Name was Keoko set in Japanese occupied Korea.  It gave good perspective on that time period.)
9.  Plan a holiday home!--YES!

My April Goals are:
1. Have fun on my holiday to the States
2.  Stitch, read or accomplish anything else as gravy whilst enjoying my holiday.
3.  Not gain any of those lost pounds.

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