Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day Trips Post Four of Five

Continuing our Luxumbourg.

Although Luxumbourg city is a lovely town, we had explored it on a previous trip to the area. So this trip we were looking to find something different. Due to the wonders of the internet, I learned that Luxumbourg was the final resting place for many American soldiers who died during battles of WWII in this area. In addition, it is the final resting place of General George Patton, Jr. So that became our destination.

There is something about rows of white crosses that take my breath away--and make me forever grateful:
 photo luxumbourg_zps53121bca.jpg

This cemetery had many graves marked with Stars of David. Humbling.
 photo luxumbourg2_zps66eee8ca.jpg

Here is Patton's final resting place:

 photo pattongrave_zpsf213d090.jpg

The same day we visited Luxumbourg, we also explored the former-Roman city of Trier. Trier is famous for its gate the Porta Negra:

 photo porta-negra_zps265bf9c3.jpg
 photo flower-at-porta-negra_zpsca5b37b5.jpg

The cathedral:

 photo trier-cathedral_zpsd460049f.jpg

 photo trier-cathedral-interior_zps1c6a776c.jpg

 photo trier-cathedral-interior1_zpsc236a696.jpg

Next up: Limburg and Koblenz

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