Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day Trips Post Five of Five

Continuing to travel to Limburg and Koblenz:

Limburg Cathedral is easily spotted from the autobahn driving between Koln and Frankfurt. It had captured our eye more than once, so we decided to explore!

 photo limburg-dom_zps847e54c9.jpg

I love the details of statuary around these old cathedrals:
 photo limburg-dom-figure_zps8bd84e5c.jpg

Old houses in town:
 photo limburg1_zpsd4d24177.jpg

 photo limburg3_zps48a3d1d9.jpg

 photo limburg2_zpsc2101c65.jpg

Koblenz is a town near here where the Mosel River meets the Rhine river, known as the Deutches Eck (German Corner).  There is a 14 meter high statue built to honour William I at the convergence.  A tram lift will take you from river level up to the old Prussian fortress on the hill.  It was a dreary grey day, so the pictures are slightly dark.

 photo deutcheseckaerial2_zps627db3ea.jpg

IMG_9861_zps65cfa92c photo IMG_9861_zps65cfa92c.jpg

 photo deutcheseckaerial_zps04fc56ff.jpg

IMG_9859_zps6232b2e5 photo IMG_9859_zps6232b2e5.jpg

IMG_9864_zps6bb088b4 photo IMG_9864_zps6bb088b4.jpg

Thanks for traveling with me! Hope you enjoyed seeing this little corner of the world.

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