Monday, June 07, 2010

Marriage Monday--Honeymoon Memories

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Early in our dating days, German told me that he wanted to live and work overseas and if that wasn't a life I wanted, we might not want to pursue the relationship. I was all for traveling and living overseas, so no problem! The little catch was...except for a visit to Juarez Mexico and across the border of Canada (just to say we had been), I had never been out of the US. A couple of months before he proposed, German *suggested* I might want to get a passport. *big smile*

He took me to Germany for our honeymoon! It was to a place that he loved, and a place that we now love together. We stayed in a lovely gastehaus and awoke every morning to gaze at the Zugspitz, the highest Alp in Germany.

We explored fairy tale castles and gold-gilded churches and enjoyed amazing food. That was the first week.

Photobucket Photobucket

Then...we drove to PARIS! *squeal*
We only had two days so we concentrated on seeing Notre Dame (my choice), Arche d' Triumph (his choice) and the Eiffel Tower (our choice). I loved Paris. My two endearing memories: the Metro was on strike so we had to drive in Paris *shudder* but we survived and an absolute amazing meal at a restaurant recommended by the hotel concierge where I turned out to be the only female in the very packed place. We still laugh today about the location of our most romantic meal! I had forgotten until getting out the pictures that they were cleaning Notre Dame and it was covered in scaffolding--so no good pictures.

We drove back to Germany and stayed one night with German's Air Force friends who were stationed there. They took us to Trier where I discovered Weihnachtsmarkt(Christmas Markets!)

Then a night in Frankfurt with another AF friend who was working there (and another Weihnactsmarkt)

and then back home to reality, Christmas shopping and celebrating.

We returned to the same Gastehaus after we moved to Europe, again just after Jewel was born and then again when Flower was two. It's been three years since we were there (almost fifteen since our first visit), I'm thinking that it may be time to go again.


April said...

Oh. Wow. That would be the trip of a lifetime! What a way to begin your life together - like a real life fairy tale!

Amy Bayliss said...

What an adventure. My husband's family is German (Ripke is his mother's surname) so we have always wanted to visit there. It is so awesome that you have been able to visit more than once too!

Thank you so much for sharing the photos!

Joyfull said...

Truly a wonderful honeymoon most would only dream of! Thank you for sharing and for the beautiful pictures!

Mac an Rothaich said...

Phew, I don't know what to say except how really wonderful for you!

e-Mom said...

Ah, Germany and Paris!!! Your memories and photos are wonderful! Yes, a good thing you love to travel!

We've yet to make it to the continent together. (England only). I did the "grand tour" as a college student, and e-Dad went to Russia and Poland on missions (w/out me.) We have respective photos "ruined" by scaffolding, as well!

You are whetting my appetite for a return trip together. I promised myself that my next trip to Paris would be with a man...

Congrats MiPa. You two seem so perfectly suited.

(((Hugs))) e-Mom ღ

Kristin said...

What an absolutely incredible honeymoon.

Highway PKV: Amplified said...

What a wonderful experience, it's obvious by reading you guys are a great pair, a true team! Thanks for stopping by my site to read about my honeymoon!

tonya said...

Your honeymoon sounds wonderful! What an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Claudia said...

What a great honeymoon destination. I love visiting Germany!

Constance said...

Absolutely you should go again! My Mutti is from Germany so I LOVED your pictures! It reminded me of where my Omi and Opi used to live (Grabenheim and then Ochsenfurt). I would love to take Dave over there some time and share my memories with him! Thanks for your great entry and for stopping by my blog!

A Stone Gatherer said...

What a wonderful honeymoon! And your still living overseas! What an adventure!