Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The June Goal Post


As I get my life back to some sort of routine, I'm finding that the lack of goals the last three months have left me struggling at prioritizing time. So, it is time to get back to goal setting.

Goals for June:
1. MOVE HOUSE (with any luck the end of the month will be our big move date, so I have to get rid of some junk and get ready)
2. Start over on a Project 365 photo project
3. Lose 5 pounds (maybe if I put these goals here I'll stick to them)
4. Complete 2 Bride's Tree ornaments
5. Complete page 4 of "The Names of God"

What are your goals for June?

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Vee said...


Thanks for your prayers for our move. Yours is in my prayers, too!

My Goals for June:
1. Stay sane despite a pile-up of projects
2. Move into a new place.
3. Stay sane despite move.
4. Lose 10 pounds to hit first weight-loss goal. I've lost 5, so I'm halfway there.
5. Finish some paper dolls that a few catechists requested for Vacation Bible School.

I usually have far more crafting/creative goals, but this month, I have to put it on hold, which is difficult., due to the move.

And I'm a huge soccer fan so I've got to do everything while watching morning soccer matches of World Cup 2010. :)