Friday, January 29, 2010

Who I Am--a poetic challenge

E-Mom at Chrysalis has challenged us to use the "Who I Am" poem template to explore our childhood memories and write a little poem about ourselves. Here is my little attempt at capturing some of "Who I Am." Hope you enjoy.

I am from Kerr canning jars, from Palmolive soap and Pine-sol.

I am from the brown-sided house by the cotton field, dusty, barren, of darkness enveloping like a blanket--the nearest porch light a half mile away dimly easing the loneliness.

I am from the cotton---pink and white blossoms to white fluffy balls, and the tumbleweed rolling across the sandy plain.

I am from shelling peas to freeze and snapping beans to can and from dogged stubbornness and thriftiness, from Cliff and C.P. and the “California relations“.

I am from the never-empty coffee pot and ongoing Skip-Bo or Domino games.

From “math is in your blood” and “You are better than B‘s“.

I am from Southern Baptist with Primitive roots. From church potlucks, and play dough theology, “no dancing” intoned by old voices singing ancient hymns.

I'm from Germany and Ireland and Scotland all merging in Texas, from cornbread dressing and hot cherry cobbler served with love. From “cook enough to feed a few more” which always meant too many leftovers.

From the cow trails across Colorado bonding brothers and with long-lost magazine cover photos. I’m from the gold brooch for wedding “oldness” bonding cousins across the generations.

I am from a tin box in the spare bedroom, sneaking peeks at photos long hidden. From albums in the formal living room brought out with ceremony then celebrated with laughter, and from 8mm film of swimming in cotton.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Fantastic. You've done an outstanding job of capturing your memories. Peeking into your life, was a pleasure. How different we all are! But yet the Lord has brought us together in this strange cyber world. Who would have ever predicted such a thing!

Bless you MiPa. Thanks so much for participating.


e-Mom :~D

Tami Boesiger said...

I LIKE it!

Kristin said...

That is truly beautiful!

e-Mom said...

I have a surprise for you... Come visit Chrysalis when you get a chance. :~D

Jennifer in OR said...

I love this, and from the first line I could see I come from a similar place: "Kerr canning jars, from Palmolive soap and Pine-sol." I wish I had paid more attention to all that canning my mom did, I sure could use some know-how now.

Carla Gade said...