Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stitchin' Post Saturday--25 July 09


Another Saturday has come! Once again, my only project is Stargazer. I'd finish this piece this week if the family did not want clean clothes and food. *sigh* Responsibility before fun. I've completed over half the beading on the dress, so hope to finish that this week and maybe add a head (Jewel is quite concerned I'll forget to stitch her head, lol). Then that leaves beading all the stars in the sky.

Here she is at 68 hours:

What are you stitching this week? Hope you have a productive and content weekend. Blessings my friends.


Kristin said...

Oh wow....she is truly fabulous. Sorry I missed posting a Stitching Post Saturday post. I was out of town until dinner time.

Danielle Says Hello said... is looking beautiful!!! Thanks for all your encouraging comments over at my place ;)