Thursday, July 02, 2009


Those of you who read my blog know that I am not political here. (Those who know me in real life will differ with that statement). However, today on my blog I am going to make an exception and post politically.

You may have heard in mainline media about a coup taking place in Honduras. You have probably heard that the President was removed illegally and that our country has taken a strong stand against what is happening.

YOU WILL NOT HAVE HEARD THE WHOLE STORY (as if we can ever hear the whole story)!!!

Please visit this blog of someone who lives in Honduras and what they are really seeing.

Please visit this Wall Street Journal article for a different perspective than is being broadly portrayed.

PLEASE PRAY for the country and take note of what is happening. The reprucussions of a "president for life" are huge!

This weekend we will celebrate the freedoms we hold so strongly in America. Please pray for those freedoms to be upheld other places as well.

Now, back to a non-political blog status.

Thank you for reading!

Edited to add (3 July 2009): The past 36 hours or so has seen a more balanced picture (according to those who are in Honduras) being painted in mainstream media. For that they have expressed gratitude. Since I have friends who work as journalists I wanted to convey that as well. This is one of those reminders that we really must question how much details of a situation we are being told and what the bias may be. PLEASE keep praying, my friends there say that makes a considerable difference. Bless you!

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