Monday, March 02, 2009

March Goal Post


Here is the progress on February goals:

February Goals!
1. Finish Rosewood Manor Flag Sampler--finished on 26 February
2. Finish Mystery Quilt--finished on 15 February
3. Get 2/3 roof on thatched house stitched (currently 1/3)--completed roof and half of landscaping
4. Finish 2008 filing (otherwise known as re-find the office!)--about 2/3 complete
5. Get Jewel set up for piano lessons--started last week
6. Find an online class to learn more about my DSLR camera--found one, Thanks Iris!, but the class sold out on the first day and I didn't try to sign up until day 2. I'm on the mail list for the next class.

Now for March Goals:
1. Finish NRR thatched house section, road and begin Texas windmill
2. Finish Mystery Quilt II by March 15 (absolute deadline is 29th!)
3. Stitch house on Robin's NRR
4. Complete Kristin's All About Me RR if it arrives this month
5. Complete baby quilt for Emily Jane
6. Finish office clean up and organising
7. Prepare for Easter trip to States--preorder any items that need to be delivered to Dad's
8. Sign up at leisure club and take girls swimming at least one time a week outside of their normal lessons
9. Begin new Bible Study (No Other Gods) and continue to write mentoring material as able.

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Kristin said...

That is an impressive list of goals. Good luck reaching all of them.