Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dream a Little Dream

I was sitting in a room of church leaders and future church leaders. We were discussing our dreams as part of a Jesus on Leadership study. The pastor asked, “What do you dream of doing?”

The room was quiet. Shuffling in seats. A nervous cough. More silence.

Tentatively, I said, “I want to write.”

There. It was out there. I’ve dreamed it for a few years. I’ve never said it out loud. And now I’ve said it to the church leadership. I held my breath.

The response was amazing. The validation of the dream. The encouragement. The loving and prayerful support.

The next day, I’m walking in the park with a friend. Out of the blue she turns to me and says, “So when are you going to start writing for others?”

I stopped. “How did you know?”

“I didn’t.”

It’s a God-thing. Validation. Encouragement.

"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else."
~ Erma Bombech ~

I took the chance. And God validated the dream.

I want to be in the business of validating dreams, not of hampering them. How about you?

Join other Christian bloggers here today for their take on the quote.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Yes, God sends us angels to validate our dreams. Our entries resonate :) Hope you can drop by my blog to see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I just came from another post with the same theme of writing- sounds like you are on the same page!! Well written and a great perspective on the quote. Stop by and read mine if you like

Camy Tang said...

This is such an awesome post! You go for it! God is with you!

Heather said...

He has a way of doing that, reaffirming thins when we finally get them out in the open. Isn't it wonderful?

kpjara said...

God is so incredible!

Amydeanne said...

okay, you gave me the giggles when I read this! It's amazing how if we step out of our comfort zone what God does!

The Imperfect Christian said...

Getting it out in the open is the hard part. I'm so glad He rewarded and affirmed your dreams once you had the courage to get them out! I'm all for encouraging dreams!

eph2810 said...

Yes - God is truly amazing. When we put our dreams into His might hands - great things will happen. We just have to believe that with Him all things are possible.