Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Marriage Monday--A Cord of Three Strands


Friday night I received a text, "Thank you for letting me come to Ryder Cup." I smiled as I texted "enjoy it for both of us."
Saturday the tables turned as I texted, "The show was awesome. Thanks." When he responded "it makes me happy when you are happy" I knew he meant it.
Our lives our intertwined, we are able to let each other do their own thing because joy brought to one is joy shared.

A major decision loomed. His boss said, "if you need time to talk to your wife..." but he answered, "we've discussed this type of thing many times. I know what our answer is."
I'm reviewing a curriculum choice. I am not sure whether it is right for us. I hear his voice in my head affirming my hesitation. I make the changes needed.
We discuss life goals and principles all the time. Our thoughts are so interlaced that we can make decisions independently knowing that they are united.

Our new church has small groups in the evening, after children's bedtimes. Most couples have one go and one stay home with the children. We are struggling with that. As German told one of the elders, "I don't enjoy worship with half of me not there." We are looking for a solution.

"I don't enjoy ____ with half of me not there." That is the gist of our lives together. When God joined us together, and joined with us to form this marriage, we stopped being individual strands. We are ONE cord, all joined together. I can't separate home life and church life and school life--it is one life. He can't separate family life and work life and church life--it is one life. We don't separate his life and her life--it is our life, joined together mysteriously and irreversibly. And I would not have it any other way.

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Denise said...

Wonderful post sweetie.

e-Mom said...

This is a beautiful post, MiPa. You two are so wonderful together!

Thanks for sharing your encouraging thoughts, and thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday.

Many hugs and blessings,

e-Mom ღ

Constance said...

When God saw that Adam needed someone to help him, He set the standard. Remember Adam taking such joy and delight in seeing Eve when he was awakened? That feeling of completion is what God is after when He instituted marriage! I love how your marriage shines with that!

Just a thought concerning small groups. When our kids were young we hired a "baby-sitter", usually a teenage youth from church and had her watch the kids in another room. We were still there if something came up but it also gave us time together. If you have several couples in this same stage of life you can come together and figure out the logistics of where to meet, when and so on. I don't know if this helps any but I figured if it worked for us it might work for the both of you!

Tami Boesiger said...

We discuss life goals and principles all the time. Our thoughts are so interlaced that we can make decisions independently knowing that they are united.

Mmmm . . . now that is as one. Yet you go on to say you'd rather do things together. Again, showing us what as one is supposed to be. Love it.